when i was just a tiny kid , do you remember when the time you kissed my bruises or cleaned by soiled chin ?

you srambled for the balls i hit (short-winded more than not) yet , every time we'd play a game , you praised the "outs" i caught.

it seems like only yesterday , you wiped away my tears , and late at night i called your name , to chase away my fears .

thought, the time has changed your handsome grip , your hair snowy white , you gait's a little slower now , thick glasses help your slight .

oh , do i thirst for years gone by , to be that growing lad , re-living all my memories , of growing with you mum and dad .

#swear i love them so much (:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Assalammualaikum guess ;)
hurmm .. pagi-pagi bute niih tak boleh tido leww~~! serious pening fikir pasal homework . banyak nak mampus pulah tuu .. ouchhh .. dah sedia nak kena denda niih .. hurmmm ;'( sebelum tuu nangis dulu ..

okayy lha malass waa nak cerite pasal homework yang belambak tuu .. ni waa na cerite sikit dekat korang semua .. waa dah ade adek aww .. express lagii .. ibu waa tak pyah penat-penat mengandung 9 bulan leww.. ibu waa dduk relax jewp doe ! KORANG ade? confirm tak ade .. huahuahua~~!

tak payah nak confius leww .. she my sister FULLSTOPS (.)
NAME : Fariesya Idayu
AGE:  13 years old

whats in your mind?
tak percaye eh? waa pun same leww =='

~~ adekk miss u dear ~~

thats all .. muahhh siked :*

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